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Why You Need Probiotics

Posted by Meghan Wilson on
Why You Need Probiotics

Probiotics are healthy microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) that can directly contribute to improvements in your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Found in supplements or delicious and nutrient-rich fermented foods, these powerful health-boosters help balance your microbiome (gut) and can play an essential role in the biological functions of your brain, digestive tract, and immune system.

While it’s common knowledge that probiotics are important, as evidenced by the plethora of health products that promote them, many companies fail to explain how these microorganisms can tangibly improve your daily life.

If you’re looking for honest, detailed, and clear insight on the importance of probiotics to your health and wellness journey, read on for Cleveland Kitchen Guide to Why You Need Probiotics:

Boosted Immune Health

Likely the most famous potential benefit of probiotics is their profound ability to aid your immune system.

There are two primary ways these robust, healthful microorganisms successfully manage this key responsibility:

1.Weaken Harmful Microorganisms

The first way probiotics benefit your immune system is by minimizing the destructiveness of harmful bacteria in your microbiome (gut).

This benefit is essential because harmful external microorganisms enter your body daily through your exposure to the world around you.

These destructive invaders, if left unchecked, can lead to:

  • Disrupted function of vital cells
  • Illness
  • Long-term weakening of the immune system

  • Probiotics, like those found in fermented foods, can quickly work to reduce the population and efficacy of these outside invaders by destroying their natural fuel sources.

    This effort can help your immune system strengthen itself, making it far better equipped to fight off future invaders -— including those that can make you sick.

    2. Increase in Beneficial Microorganisms

    The second way probiotics nourish your immune system is by multiplying the population of healthy microorganisms in your microbiome.

    When you consume probiotics from quality sources, your immune system experiences an immediate increase in the population of bacteria and yeast that helps it perform optimally.

    This boost can:

  • Restore the microbiome to its healthiest state
  • Boost the speed and power of the immune system
  • Foster biological processes that strengthen general health
  • As you likely realize, these potential immune benefits work best when supported by a healthy lifestyle that specifically prioritizes a well-rounded and nutritious diet.

    Fortunately, probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut and, kimchi, and fermented veggie dressings can offer excellent nutritional profiles, helping you put yourself in a better position to enjoy their positive immune impacts.

    Bonus Tip: If you’re wondering how long it takes for probiotics to work, the answer can vary dramatically (as discussed by the National Institute of Health) depending on your needs. The guidance of a trained medical professional will always help you find the most efficient way to use probiotics for immune benefits.

    Improved Gut-Brain Relationship 

    Many people don’t realize there is a vital connection between your brain and microbiome, and fewer still understand the importance of nourishing this relationship to support a healthy, happy lifestyle.

    In basic terms, the gut-brain axis, also known as the “GBA,” is the system that connects your mind and microbiome through a complex series of biological messaging.

    This system is responsible for taking stock of the state of your microbiome and directly influences brain function based on the health and stability of your gut.

    It’s essential to support this gut-brain relationship because it plays a pivotal role in:

  • Regulating the Central Nervous System
  • Supporting the Functions of Neurotransmitters 
  • Promoting a Healthy Flow of Chemicals to the Brain

  • In other words, having a healthy and vibrant microbiome means that your brain has a greater chance to function at its highest level.

    Proper probiotic consumption supports this relationship because it balances your microbiome, fights against harmful microorganisms, and introduces higher levels of beneficial ones. 

    These crucial efforts stabilize your gut, in turn letting your brain know that your body has the proper level of healthful microorganisms. 

    When you boost the GBA through the introduction of probiotic-rich fermented foods to your daily diet, you can help foster:

  • Stronger Cognitive Function
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Stable Moods
  • These benefits can lead to tangible short-term improvements in your mental functions while also supporting a harmonious long-term relationship between your brain and other biological systems.

    Enhanced Digestion

    Indigestion is a common problem that plagues many people worldwide. If left unchecked, it can wreak havoc with your physical, emotional, and even emotional health.

    While chronic digestive issues always require the attention of a trained medical professional, basic indigestion is a difficulty that you can directly target through changes to your diet and lifestyle.

    An influx of quality probiotics into your diet can help balance your digestive system, soothing current symptoms of indigestion and defending against future occurrences.

    Probiotic-rich fermented foods can exponentially increase the concentration of essential bacterium and yeasts in your digestive tract and build a wall of protection for your entire digestive system. 

    Similar to their effect on the immune system, these boosted probiotics fight off pathogens that disrupt digestion and give your body the tools it needs to fight further indigestion. They can even concurrently help your immune system, which relies on a healthy digestive tract to carry out its many responsibilities.

    These remarkable feats can have many positive impacts, including the reduction of:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Difficult Bowel Movements

  • While it’s essential to keep in mind the significant difference between alleviating the symptoms and the causes of digestive issues, nutritious sources of probiotics can help block indigestion from disrupting your daily life.

    We suggest crafting a routine meal plan that fully meets your nutritional needs to help your digestive system find a healthy groove that can lead to a happier, more productive you.

    Cleveland Kitchen’s Probiotic-Rich Foods

    Now that you understand the incredible potential benefits of taking probiotics, take some time to explore Cleveland Kitchen’s diverse, delicious, and nutritious selection of gut-boosting fermented foods:

    Using the finest, naturally sourced ingredients, culturally authentic recipes, and our customer-first passion, we offer a range of rustic, homegrown probiotic-rich classics made just for you.

    From our six flavors of tangy, crunchy sauerkraut to our Korean-inspired, spicy Classic Kimchi and our five ultra-yummy fermented veggie dressings, it’s never been easier to treat your taste buds and microbiome right.

    Plus, if you can’t decide which of our scrumptious options to try first, we also offer Kraut and Dressing Variety Packs, our fun and affordable alternatives for diving headfirst into the flavorful world of fermented goodness.

    If you’re still looking for fun ways to enjoy the benefits of probiotics, also feel free to check out our culinary crafted recipe page featuring tasty fermented food-inspired meals to fit your dietary needs.

    For more on Cleveland Kitchen’s mission to bring fermented foods to the American diet, keep up with our weekly blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find more delicious ways to add probiotics to your diet!

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