Our Dressings are world-class and the first fermented dressings of their kind. With a base of fermented vegetables, these dressings bring gut-health to your plate in a seamless way. These tangy dressings that will light up taste buds and add untold volumes of flavor to any dish. Dressing, with a deliciously healthy twist. Still packed with the same fermented goodness you love, now with a fresh new look!

Cup of caesar dressing

Backyard Ranch

Kefir Yogurt Ranch

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Garlic Italian

Creamy Garlic Goodness

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Miso Jalapeño

Spicy, Smoky, Delicious

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Veggie Caesar

Salt & Caraway Seeds

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Get Cookin’.

Our fermented foods are as at home on a salad or grain bowl as they are on a burger or reuben. The options are limitless and the flavor-combos un-BEET-able. Give your dinner what it deserves.