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First-of-their-kind Fermented Dressings & Marinades

Our Dressings are crafted with fermented vegetables that offer not only great flavor but plenty of gut-health benefits as well. A base of fermented vegetables means every pour contains more nutrients and less oil than your typical dressing, with a smooth consistency and a depth of flavor your taste buds will love.

Made to Fit Your Healthy Lifestyle

Free of GMOs and with no artificial flavors, our Fermented Dressings are crafted to fit every diet. All our Dressings are Keto and Gluten-Free Certified, and every flavor except Backyard Ranch is plant-based (including our vegan Hail Caesar!) With less than 50 calories per serving, you can feel great about enjoying them every day!

Why Sunflower Oil?

Taste, health, and pourability. The non-GMO high oleic Sunflower Oil we use in our Dressings is a healthier alternative to oils like vegetable or canola and is tastier with a better consistency than olive or avocado oil.

Dressings & Marinades

Current Flavors:

Backyard Ranch

Hail Caesar

Sweet Beet

Roasted Garlic

Gnarly Miso Jalapeño

What people are saying

This dressing is by far the best I have ever tasted...its low calorie and delicious as a veggie dip or salad dressing. I highly recommend!

- Toni

I am obsessed with this dressing. I love the kraut version to the ends of the earth but a dressing? Steal my heart why don't you.

- Chelsae

Finally! These salad dressings are healthy and delicious and are crafted without all of those nonsense ingredients and chemicals found in the other brands. Thank you for making these available!

- Joseph

What a surprise! Bought the dressings not knowing how they’d taste—I’ve been disappointed so many times. It’s hard to describe how tasty they are, full of flavor! Also, nutritionally sound and low in calories. I couldn’t be more pleased!

- Elizabeth

I'm a big ranch fan. I had tried their krauts, so when I saw them debut dressings, I had to give them a try. The ranch is just great plus I like that it's lower calories than the typical ranch dressing. If you're a ranch person (like me) you wont be disappointed!

- Afif

I loved all of the dressings! Each one had it’s own distinct flavor. All delicious!

- Blane

Which flavor + recipe combo will you choose?

Chicken Bacon
Ranch Foil Packets

35 Min | Keto

Gnarly Miso Jalapeño Zoodles

20 Min | Keto

Ribeye Steak

30 Min | Keto

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