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There’s sauerkraut and then there’s Cleveland Kraut

Give your dinner what it deserves


Cleveland Kraut uses fresh, locally sourced produce and minimal ingredients to keep our kraut clean and simply the best tasting you’ll ever have. Our innovative flavors- including kimchi-style Gnar Gnar; bright, tart Beet Red, and savory Whiskey Dill will have you imagining Kraut in dishes you’d never considered before.


You won’t find mushy kraut around here. Our Kraut is uniquely crunchy, cut thick to remind you kraut is a fresh, delicious vegetable. It doesn’t swim in liquid either, meaning you get more forkfuls of kraut out of every pouch.


Our kraut is NEVER pasteurized. We don’t play around — every pouch of Kraut comes to you with millions of gut-healthy lactobacillus, and when you eat it cold, you get the health benefits of probiotics.

What people are saying

I picked this up as the only labeled gluten-free sauerkraut option at our local store. Y’all have now ruined me forever for any other brand. I didn’t even know I’d been eating a poor substitute for real kraut until now... Thank you for making it gluten free for our Celiac household, and for making it so delicious!

- Jo

I’ve had the Beet Red, Roasted Garlic, and Gnar Gnar and I have never had better kraut! I won’t ever buy another brand! My husband laughs at me cause I invent ways to eat it with as many meals as possible. You guys rock, keep up the amazing work!!

- Cass

I tried Cleveland Kraut for the first time last night and had a Kraut Epiphany! It is like no other Kraut I’ve ever had before. It’s chunky, flavorful, full of taste, not bitter. What a revelation. I won’t be buying any other brand from now on. It’s worth every penny. Seek it out. Add it to your meals. Make meals around it. Snack on it. It is the best. Treat yourself, you deserve the best.

- Cindy

Bought it on a whim for some Polish sausage sandwiches! Only Kraut I’ll buy now! Unbelievable!

- Jason

This is the best sauerkraut I’ve had in my entire life. Hands down. The whiskey-dill kraut is ridiculously good, it’s so delicious that I had an insanely difficult time not eating an entire bag before I could even put it on my Reuben sandwiches. I can’t recommend it highly enough. 10/10!!

- Christopher

Hands down the best kraut I have ever had 👍

- Silvia

I'm obsessed!!! From your freshness and quality to the flavor varieties I cannot get enough!

- Tiffany

Southwestern Black
Bean Burger

20 Min | Vegetarian

Whiskey Dill

10 Min

Stuffed Shells with Beet Red & Classic Caraway Kraut

50 Min | Vegetarian

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