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Bringing Kraut to the Main Course

Bringing Fantastic Flavor & Texture to a Classic

With Cleveland Kraut’s best in class flavor and texture, your kitchen can easily bring the fermented foods trend to your customers.

Work Cleveland Kraut into traditional favorites like...

Introducing Kraut to New & Delicious Occasions

Chefs are thinking outside the box with Cleveland Kraut, and finding new and exciting ways to bring fermented foods to the menu.

Cleveland Kraut brings fermented flavor and energy to...

Cleveland Kraut is the perfect condiment for the modern consumer, aligning with numerous dining trends.

Functional Foods

Cleveland Kraut is packed with billions of naturally occuring probiotic bacteria that aid digestion and immune system support.

Plant-Based Eating

Made from only the highest quality product available, Cleveland Kraut is a beloved condiment within the growing plant-based eating community.

Specialty Dining Styles

Whether you’re catering to keto, paleo, vegan or vegetarian customers, Cleveland Kraut is a delicious and compliant addition to all sorts of menu items.

Our Krauts

All size of Cleveland Kitchen’s delicious, fermented sauerkrauts are available in tow gallon (15 lb) and 5 gallon (40 lb) pail sizes. Click the krauts below to view spec sheets for each flavor, or download the full foodservice catalog here.

Classic Caraway

Roasted Garlic

Whiskey Dill

Curry Kraut

Beet Red

Gnar Gnar

Classic Kimchi

Featured Customers



This is where sauerkraut belongs; piled high atop a bratwurst at a biergarten, or topping off a hot dog at a ballpark.

Use Cleveland Kraut for your brats, dogs and weenies, and give your guests the best of the best.

• Try these mouthwatering reuben brats

• Get creative with your hot dog offerings. Check out these gourmet dogs.

• Hot Dogs, Baseball and Cleveland Kraut. What could be better! Check out how the concession team at Progressive Field uses Cleveland Kraut to take their hot dogs to the next level.



With Cleveland Kraut, the possibilities for your sandwiches are endless.Use our delicious, crunchy and healthy fermented goods to add color and funky flavor to your sandwich offerings.

• The ultimate kraut sandwich is surely the reuben. Check out this mouthwatering recipe.

• Check out how the Beet Red adds color and tart earthy flavor to this turkey sandwich

• The squad at NYC’s Court Street Grocers are known for the city’s best reuben sandwich. No prize for guessing what kraut brand they use…



Cleveland Kraut’s wide variety of flavors gives you the opportunity to take your burger offerings in many exciting and delicious directions.

Elevate America’s favorite sandwich with delicious fermented goodness.

• Try this delicious Bulgogi Burger topped with the Gnar

• Delight your plant based customers with this Adzuki Bean Burger, paired delightfully with the Beet Red

• Check out how the team at Fathead Brewery uses our goods on their out of this world burgers


Avocado Toast

As this delicious brunch item grows in popularity, chefs are looking for new condiments and toppings to help their avocado toast stand out from the rest.

Look no further than Cleveland Kraut to do just that.

• Use the Roasted Garlic and chickpeas to add some mediterranean flare and plant based protein to your avocado toast.

• Avocado Toast at Restore Cold Press Juice Bar features the Beet Red, feta and sunflower seeds as toppings.


Bowls and Salads

As the build-your-own-bowl trend only grows, customers are looking for diverse culinary additions that can bring their meals to life.

Consider Cleveland Kraut as a healthy flavor packed option.

• Throw the Curry Kraut on top of this hearty salmon salad. Healthy fats, fresh veggies, probiotics, and protein. Who could say no!?

• See how to take your tofu to the next level with this delicious plant based bowl.

• Hear from our good pal Robert at Whole Foods Market on how the team there uses the Beet Red on their salad bars



Can we taco-bout these tacos?

Use Cleveland Kraut to add fermented energy to your Tacos!

• Lightly garnish (or rather, gnarnish) your steak tacos with the Gnar Gnar for an unbeatable kick.

• Sprinkle the Curry Kraut on these fish tacos. The ginger and turmeric pairs fantastically with seafood