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Eat This, Not That: The Best & Worst New Grocery Store Items on the Shelves—Ranked! By Megan Dubois

Cleveland Kitchen Dilly Garlic Pickles and Classic Kimchi come in at No. 1 & 2 respectively in the BEST category on Eat This, Not That's grocery list.

The Kitchen: The 10 Essential Finds in the Produce Section That Every Home Cook Should Stock Up On By The Kitchn Editors

"All their flavors are worth exploring, and trying in and on just about everything."

The Kitchn lays out their top ten produce items to stock up on this fall with Cleveland Kitchen Kraut making the cut.

Red Tricycle: Get Your Labor Day Grilling Started with These 12 Meat Delivery Services By Kate Loweth

"A match made in grilling heaven."

The Cleveland Kitchen and Porter Road collaboration BYOBun Kit gets a feature spot in this holiday meal delivery service spotlight.

Inc.: Inc. 5000 An Exclusive Guide to America's Top Private Companies

"Creates fermented food products that taste amazing and are healthy for all."

Cleveland Kitchen comes in at No. 341 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list, which features America's fastest growing private companies.

Cleveland Business Journal: Cleveland Kitchen tops local companies in this year's Inc. 5000 list of fast-growers By Mary Vanac

Cleveland Kitchen represents the city of Cleveland at No. 341 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list.

The Kitchn: Kitchn Essentials Grocery Edition By The Kitchn Editors

"Fermented foods are good for your gut. Also? They taste really, really good."

The team at The Kitchn includes Cleveland Kitchen Kraut on their list of the top grocery items in America right now.

CircleAround: 11 Kid-Friendly, Good-for-You, Two-Product Easy Meal Starters By Su-Jit Lin

"Chunky and crunchy, and it’s chock-full of probiotics."

Cleveland Kitchen's partnership with Porter Road takes the lunch slot in CircleAround's top choices for meal starter kits.

Trend Monitor: Cleveland Kitchen Brings Fermentation to the Pickle Category With New Dilly Garlic Pickles

TrendMonitor's Snack Spotlight focuses on Cleveland Kitchen's "fresher than fresh" Dilly Garlic Pickle Spears and Chips.

Cleveland Scene: Midtown-Based Cleveland Kitchen Rolls Out New Pickle Products By Douglas Trattner

"Processed in a way that leaves them crisp and flavorful."

Cleveland Scene underlines the taste and gut health benefits of the newest member of Cleveland Kitchen's line of fermented foods.

Perishable News: Cleveland Kitchen Brings Fermentation to the Pickle Category With New Dilly Garlic Pickles

Cleveland Kitchen's new Dilly Garlic Pickles are introduced in this Perishable News feature on the "mouthwatering option that can fit seamlessly into a variety of dishes."

Food Business News: New On The Shelves

“An American sandwich staple."

Food Business News spotlights Cleveland Kitchen's new, lightly fermented, Dilly Garlic Pickles available in chips and spears.

AllRecipes: Five New Condiments to Save Your Sad Desk Lunch By Samantha Lande

“Add a little heat to your next dish with Cleveland Kitchen's new kimchi.”

Classic Kimchi is featured in AllRecipes list of the best, new creative condiments to improve your lunch routine.

Healthline: I’m a Dietitian on a Nutrient-Dense, Whole Foods-Based Diet By Jillian Kubala

What does healthy eating look like to a dietitian?

Healthline brings in Jillian Kubala, MS, RD to share her picks for maintaining a nutrient rich diet for every meal of the day, which includes Cleveland Kitchen Roasted Garlic sauerkraut.

CNET: The best meat delivery deals for Fourth of July weekend By David Watsky

CNET editors pick Cleveland Kitchen and Porter Road's BYOBun Kit for their list of best meat delivery kits for Fourth of July weekend.

The Beet: Your Ultimate Guide to Meatless Grilling By Anna Keeve

Meatless grilling is not complete without a proper marinade! The Beet highlights Cleveland Kitchen fermented dressings as a "light and healthful" option.

The Spruce Eats: The Best Mail Order Meat Deals for June 2021 By Nikhita Mahtani

"The perfect grilling kit for long, sunny weekends."

Porter Road and Cleveland Kitchen's BYOBun Kit makes The Spruce Eats list of affordable grilling kits you can get delivered.

Food Network: Grab One of These Nationally Shipped Grill Boxes for Memorial Day By Samantha Lande

Food Network lists Cleveland Kitchen and Porter Road's BYOBun Kit as a must-get for summer grilling season.

Forbes: Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Mail-Order Meats By Larry Olmsted

"A updated, upscale gourmet take on a backyard classic."

Forbes recommends Cleveland Kitchen and Porter Road's BYOBun Kit in their 2021 Father's Day gift guide.

Red Tricycle: 7 Meat Delivery Services That Bring Beef, Pork & More to Your Grill By Kate Loweth

"It's pretty much a match made in grilling heaven."

Red Tricycle notes the ease of Porter Road's delivery service and perfect pairing with Cleveland Kitchen sauerkraut in the BYOBun Kit.

Rhone: What To Eat This Memorial Day Weekend By Chris Mohr

Rhone's Registered Dietitian agrees that pairing brats from Porter Road with "quality sauerkraut" from Cleveland Kitchen results in the best BBQ.

Red Tricycle: Grilling Gear to Get You Ready for Summer By Kate Loweth

Red Tricycle features Cleveland Kitchen and Porter Road's BYOBun Kit on their list of top grilling kits for summer.

VeryWell Fit: The 8 Best Probiotic Foods of 2021, According to a Dietitian By Alex Aldeborgh

"They ferment their sauerkraut with live and raw probiotics."

Cleveland Kitchen Roasted Garlic takes the top spot in VeryWell Fit's Dietitian approved list of probiotic foods to boost your beneficial bacteria.

Clean Eating: Best New Turmeric Foodie Finds By Anika A. Syeda

Clean Eating highlights Cleveland Kitchen Curry Kraut in their rundown of the "coolest turmeric-infused products" you can get right now.

Eat This, Not That: Happy-Belly Foods that Support Immunity, According to Science By Michele Promaulayko

"Vegetable-based fermented foods...not only pack abundant flavor, they can be a boon to your microbiome."

Eat This, Not That! features Cleveland Kitchen kraut and kimchi in their evidence-based round-up of foods to enhance your body's natural defenses.

BevNet Taste Radio: How Cleveland Kitchen is Dialing Up Data & Innovation to Become a Household Name

Co-founders Drew & Mac discuss the ins-&-outs of all things Cleveland Kitchen in this episode of BevNET's Taste Radio Insider podcast.

Trend Hunter: Upgraded Sauerkraut - Cleveland Kitchen Boasts a Range of Delicious Sauerkrauts By Kalina Nedelcheva

Cleveland Kitchen makes Trend Hunter's Mega Trend list with "a line of mouth-watering and gut-health-supporting sauerkrauts that are offered with curiosity-spiking twists."

Clean Plates: These Probiotic-Packed Foods Can Help Heal Your Gut By Gretchen Lidicker

Clean Plates features Cleveland Kitchen sauerkraut in their list of the best probiotic grocery items to add to your diet for a healthier gut.

Their top flavor choice: Roasted Garlic Kraut.

Whole Foods Market: Top 10 Food Trends for 2021

Cleveland Kitchen Roasted Garlic Kraut and Gnar Gnar Kraut make Whole Foods 2021 trend list as superfoods and probiotics surge in popularity.

The Healthy: Top 10 Plant-Based Food Trends for 2021 By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

"I love [the plant-based probiotics] trend since gut health is essential to everything from the immune system to mood and even sleep regulation.”

The Healthy's Amy Gorin and registered dietitian, Erin Palinski-Wade, sound off on the plant-based trends set to take over in 2021 with Cleveland Kitchen kraut being a key player in probiotics.

NOSH: Best of 2020 Award Finalists

"Tenacity, creativity, care, vision, planning and execution."

Cleveland Kitchen is proud to be named a finalist for the NOSH Best of 2020 Awards in the Best New Product category.

LIVESTRONG: Sauerkraut is a Triple Threat for Weight Loss — Here are 3 Creative Ways to Eat More By Brierley Horton, MS, RD

“Eating good-for-you probiotics may prevent weight gain and even encourage weight loss.”

Livestrong.com lays out the benefits of and ways to add affordable unpasteurized sauerkraut to your diet with Cleveland Kitchen.

New Hope Network: 20 Healthier Game Day Eats For the Win By Adrienne Smith

“This newly launched Keto Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified dressing is certain to become a must-have appetizer accoutrement.”

Cleveland Kitchen Backyard Ranch featured in New Hope Network’s game day eats round-up.

Food Business News: Cleveland Kitchen Creates Fermented Ranch Dressing By Rebekah Schouten

Food Business News spotlights the newest addition to the Cleveland Kitchen Dressing and Marinade line, Backyard Ranch.

Spoon University: Ten Products That Make Being a Vegan So Much Easier
By Sara Klimek

Spoon University notes Cleveland Kitchen Dressing and Marinade line is the perfect companion for all your zoodle dishes.

LIVESTRONG: Sauerkraut Is the Gut-Friendly Food Your Diet Is Missing — Here’s How to Eat It (Besides on Hot Dogs) By Jaime Osnato

Livestrong.com details how “sauerkraut isn't solely for hot dogs,” listing Cleveland Kitchen as a sauerkraut brand they love to eat in salsa, dips, and more!

Forbes: 60 Healthy Snacks And Sips To Stock Up On This Fall By Katie Chang

Cleveland Kitchen Roasted Garlic Dressing and Marinade featured in Forbes as a “well-balanced flavor that’s tangy and savory, with a hint of sweet.”

The Beet: Check Out The Beet Editors’ Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

The Beet editor, Stephanie McClain, gives the Cleveland Kitchen Dressing and Marinade line a shout out (and extra love to her “personal favorite” Roasted Garlic) in this plant-based products spotlight.

Cleveland Business Journal: Cleveland Kitchen expands nationally with Target, Kroger Distribution
By Ben Miller

“Expanded distribution is an integral part of our brand's mission to integrate healthy and absolutely delicious fermented foods into the American diet.”

Cleveland Business Journal speaks with Cleveland Kitchen Co-Founder and CEO, Drew Anderson about expanding to new stores.

VegNews: Vegan Corned Beef To Launch At Veggie Grill Nationwide
By Nicole Axworthy

VegNews announces the launch of California-based restaurant, Veggie Grill’s new vegan corned beef made exclusively with Cleveland Kitchen Whiskey Dill Kraut!

Spoon University: Fermented and Flavorful Summertime Zoodle Stir Fry Recipe By Sara Kilmer

Cleveland Kitchen Gnarly Miso Jalapeño Dressing and Marinade shines in Spoon University’s Zoodle Stir Fry and Tempeh recipe.

Cleveland Magazine: Here’s How We Celebrate National Sandwich Month
By Marisa Palmieri Shugrue

“I put it on everything. It’s local, delicious and comes in a variety of flavors.”

Cleveland Magazine talks to Bridget Thibeault, Owner and Chef of Luna Bakery & Cafe, about why Cleveland Kitchen Kraut is her favorite sandwich go-to.

Eat This, Not That: This Fermented Vegetable May Help Protect Against COVID-19, New Study Finds By Cheyenne Buckingham

Eat This, Not That! explores the immune boosting effects of fermented cabbage, recommending Cleveland Kitchen as a great starter for those new to kraut.

Entrepreneur: Small, Eco-Friendly, Health-Conscious Companies are Conquering Condiments
By Brian Kateman

Entrepreneur highlights Cleveland Kitchen for local and sustainable values, and a new creamy vegan-friendly line of Dressing and Marinades.

Urban Matter: 30 Recent Fun, Healthy, Unique Food & Drink Discoveries
By Darren Paltrowitz

Urban Matter raves about Cleveland Kitchen Kraut and “clout”, noting that “each package contains in-house chopped cabbage that’s rustic lay-cut to lock in fresh flavor and crunch.”

VegOut Magazine: 9 Healthy (And Delicious) Vegan Food Swaps
By Allie Mitchell

VegOut LA features Cleveland Kitchen Hail Caesar Dressing and Marinade in their list of healthy food swaps because as they say, “who doesn’t love Caesar salads?”

LIVESTRONG: Upgrade Your Weekend Barbecue With These 6 Sauces and Toppings Dietitians Rave About By Jaime Osnato

LIVESTRONG.com encourages taking meals “to the next level” with Cleveland Kitchen Roasted Garlic Kraut in this “scrumptious sauerkraut” feature.

Fearless Captivations: What I Bought at Pop Up Grocer in Austin

“Some say the culinary future is in fermented foods. Well, Cleveland Kitchen has you covered.”

Fearless Captivations highlights Beet Red Kraut (and their favorite way to eat it) in their Pop Up Grocer shop.

Medium: Supermarket Sweep - What’s On Shelves This Month By Kim Kornfield

The Cleveland Kitchen Fermented Dressing and Marinade Line was featured on Medium as “plant-based, creamy dressing and marinades” that “will bring pops of fresh flavor to your favorite meal.”

Food Business News: Jalapeños are hot (again!) By Keith Nunes

Food Business News documents the rising popularity of the jalapeño, highlighting Cleveland Kitchen Gnarly Miso Jalapeño Dressing and Marinade.

Dine & Travel: 16 Healthy Food Products Delivered to Your Door By Jillian Weinlein

Cleveland Kitchen Beet Red Kraut was recently featured in Dine & Travel as an "earthy and tart Kraut" that “is great with tofu dogs and salads.”

The Beet: 11 Foods That Make Eating Plant-Based Easier Than Ever By Anna Keeve

Cleveland Kitchen Hail Caesar Dressing and Marinade was recently featured in The Beet as a "low-calorie dressing that mimics real Caesar dressing perfectly."

Clean Eating: The Best of Wegmans By Angie Mattison

Cleveland Kitchen Whiskey Dill was recently featured in Clean Eating Magazine as a "Killer Kraut" that "adds sweet crunch (and a dose of probiotics) to sandwiches, salads, and burgers."

Drew Anderson and Luke Visnic: Kings of Kraut By Beth Phillips

There are a number of dishes and drinks that characterize Cleveland's gastronomic culture — pierogies, corned beef and craft beer among them. Sauerkraut also should be included on that list.

Drew Anderson on Forbes 30 Under 30 2017: Food & Drink

Drew Anderson, 29 Cofounder, Cleveland Kraut Anderson elevates the humble dish of fermented cabbage by thinking beyond sauerkraut’s traditional caraway seasoning—and reaching instead for Indian spices, whiskey, dill and Beets.

Cleveland Kraut is Poised to Make a Big Move

A tale of sauerkraut, brothers, and intrigue. AKA our story, told by the great Doug Trattner of Cleveland Scene Magazine.