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The Beet: 11 Foods That Make Eating Plant-Based Easier Than Ever By Anna Keeve

Cleveland Kitchen Hail Caesar Dressing and Marinade was recently featured in The Beet as a "low-calorie dressing that mimics real Caesar dressing perfectly."

Clean Eating: The Best of Wegmans By Angie Mattison

Cleveland Kitchen Whiskey Dill was recently featured in Clean Eating Magazine as a "Killer Kraut" that "adds sweet crunch (and a dose of probiotics) to sandwiches, salads, and burgers."

Drew Anderson and Luke Visnic: Kings of Kraut By Beth Phillips

There are a number of dishes and drinks that characterize Cleveland's gastronomic culture — pierogies, corned beef and craft beer among them. Sauerkraut also should be included on that list.

Drew Anderson on Forbes 30 Under 30 2017: Food & Drink

Drew Anderson, 29 Cofounder, Cleveland Kraut Anderson elevates the humble dish of fermented cabbage by thinking beyond sauerkraut’s traditional caraway seasoning—and reaching instead for Indian spices, whiskey, dill and Beets.

Cleveland Kraut is Poised to Make a Big Move

A tale of sauerkraut, brothers, and intrigue. AKA our story, told by the great Doug Trattner of Cleveland Scene Magazine.