What Does Sauerkraut Taste Like?

February 17, 2022

Similarly to relish and wasabi, sauerkraut is one of those foods that you might find yourself hesitant to put on your plate if you’re unfamiliar with it.

You’re just not sure what it will taste like, and you might worry it will mess up the flavor combos you have going on. The brave eaters place a full serving right on top of their other foods, while the more cautious go for the fork dip, or section off a fraction of their plate dedicated to taste-testing.

When it comes to wasabi, the full-serving might cause instant regret, but with sauerkraut we promise you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised.

What Is Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is finely-cut fermented cabbage. Fermentation is when yeasts and or naturally occurring bacteria turn carbohydrates into alcohol or organic acids (think: sour flavor) to create new foods from the original ingredients. The process leaves us with foods like miso, kimchi, and our beloved sauerkraut.

Like other fermented foods, sauerkraut has a unique tangy taste. Sauerkraut can add extra flavor to your meals or be eaten alone in the same way that kimchi and pickles are.

Even if you’re not a fan of fresh cabbage, sauerkraut may change your feelings on the nutritious veggie. The fermentation process adds a new flavor and texture to the cabbage, making it versatile, delicious and even more healthy.

Different Kinds Of Tastes

Traditional sauerkraut is the kind that you’ll find at your BBQ beside the hot dogs, hamburgers, pierogies & sausages. It has a smooth, crisp flavor with a fresh crunch and a hint of caraway seeds. Our Classic Caraway is Grandma’s kraut with an edge.

The Classic Caraway is a great place to start if you're just trying sauerkraut for the first time. It’s simple, made with caraway seeds, green cabbage and salt.

You can always get a bit more adventurous when it comes to fermented foods. Adding spices and flavors to any brine will automatically change the taste and give you something new to discover.

At Cleveland Kitchen, we know fermentation, and we know flavor. Along with our Classic Caraway, we’ve created four other kraut variations. We have a topping, side dish, or main snack to satisfy any craving you may be having.

Gnar Gnar

If you’re looking for something bold, oh boy do we have the kraut for you. Our Gnar Gnar kraut is Cleveland’s kraut take on kimchi. This spicy & gnarly kraut will add a bold and delicious kick to any dish.

The Gnar Gnar is green cabbage combined with green bell peppers, jalapeños, kosher salt, leeks, sriracha, garlic, and red chili. This vibrant flavor combination will bring a 1-2 punch to your egg dishes, salads, tacos, and whatever else needs a kick in your kitchen.

bread and brats kraut plate

Beet Red

On the sweeter side of things, our Beet Red kraut will add color and freshness to your dishes across the board. A bit of fresh fermented beets and carrots, along with red cabbage and you have yourself a nutritious and delicious meal.

In our kitchen, the Beet Red kraut is made to be earthy, tart, and sweet. The flavors of the fermented vegetables put together add a beautiful bite to your salads and salads and tastes great by itself, too.

Kraut Tip: Pair this bad beet boy with some goat cheese. Trust us.

Roasted Garlic

Find out who in your circle is actually a vampire by serving up our Roasted Garlic kraut at your next dinner party. Our garlic-forward variety is brimming with both raw and roasted garlic, along with a touch of fresh ground black pepper.

Garlic is a prebiotic and sauerkraut is a probiotic, making this rich kraut a perfect way to boost your immune system. This kraut can add some simple flavor and health to your meal.

Wherever you were adding garlic before, we recommend you add an extra boost with our Garlic Kraut. Great for rice dishes, burgers, sandwiches and sausages, this kraut can do no wrong. Except to vampires.

Whiskey Dill

Our healthy take on drinking Whiskey? Eating Whiskey Dill Kraut. Our Whiskey Dill is one of our favorites to eat as a snack straight out of the bag. This spirited kraut offers notes of fresh garlic & dill with barrel aged whiskey that adds a subtle sweetness to each batch.

This non-alcoholic ferment will add a delicious crunch that you will most certainly crave. If you aren’t the kraut-by-itself type of eater and insist on pairing this flavor with something, we recommend a nice chicken leg, a salad, or a hearty sandwich.

How To Eat Sauerkraut?

Although we love eating our sauerkraut straight out of the bag with a fork, it can also be heated and paired with other warm foods. You may be wondering how to cook sauerkraut, but it's really not all that complicated.

Sauerkraut can be thrown on the stove, or in the microwave or oven. Stirring occasionally, heat it up and plop it alongside your sausages and potatoes for a delicious and flavorful meal.

You might shape your meals around your sauerkraut, or your sauerkraut around your meals, either way, it will be scrumptious!

tasty kraut plate

Get Munching!

If now, you’re not so worried about the taste of sauerkraut, and more so worried about how to choose which sauerkraut, take your time in trying them all.

At Cleveland Kitchen, we know the decision can keep you up at night, which is why we offer a Variety Pack. You can choose up to four different flavors and have them all shipped to your door.

As sauerkraut is at its core, simply shredded cabbage, trying out every flavor will definitely help you get your daily servings of vegetables in. Sauerkraut’s nutritional value is highly sought out by those looking for foods that are high in fiber and probiotics and improve your digestion.

We take pride in producing the best tasting sauerkraut in the world, so we know you’ll love the taste and health benefits of them all.

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