At Cleveland Kitchen, we take pride in producing the best tasting and crunchiest sauerkraut & kimchi in the world. Our kraut and kimchi are unpasteurized and lacto-fermented, full of natural probiotics, nutrients and flavor.

Head of red cabbage sliced in halfHead of cabbage sliced in halfClove of roasted garlic

Classic Caraway

Salt & Caraway Seeds

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Roasted Garlic

Cabbage, Garlic, Salt & Pepper

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Spicy Kraut

Bell Pepper, Jalapeño & Chilis

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Beet Red

Red Cabbage, Beets & Carrots

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Whiskey Dill

Salt, Garlic, Whiskey & Dill

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Get Cookin’.

Our fermented foods are as at home on a salad or grain bowl as they are on a burger or reuben. The options are limitless and the flavor-combos un-BEET-able. Give your dinner what it deserves.