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Frequently asked questions.

Why do the Dressings look different?

We recently made some design changes to the Dressing labels, so you are correct that they look a little different and you may see a mix of styles in your local store as the new design makes its way onto shelves. With this design we wanted to create a label that really tells the story of the world's first fermented dressings and is loud and proud about their deliciousness and gut-healthy benefits. Don't worry - our dressings are still packed with all the fermented goodness you love, just with a fresh new look.

Where did Hail Caesar and Roasted Garlic Dressing go? / What are Veggie caesar and Garlic Italian?

Our Hail Caesar, Roasted Garlic, and Gnarly Miso Jalapeño Dressings & Marinades got new names! They're still the same delicious fermented dressings you know and love,
 with a few tweaks for an even fresher and richer taste.
• Hail Caesar is now VEGGIE CAESAR 
to show off its plant-based roots.
• Roasted Garlic is now GARLIC ITALIAN
 and still the garlicky love of your life (with a bit of oregano and red bell pepper added to the party).
• Gnarly Miso Jalapeño is now MISO JALAPEÑO,
 but it's not any less gnarly.

Do your products need to be refrigerated?

Both Kraut and Dressings should be refrigerated both before and after opening for best quality and health benefits. Refrigeration keeps our Kraut crunchy and fresh and keeps our Dressings & Marinades smooth and vibrant. The cool temperatures slow the fermentation process of the live cultures in the kraut, ensure maximum benefit from the probiotics, extend the shelf-life and preserve the crunchy texture we love.

How long will my kraut last?

There is a 'Best By' date on each pouch. After opening, naturally fermented kraut can stay good for months! We at CK always eat our kraut in the first 30 days, for the crunchiest bite! If you see a change in color, texture, or unpleasant smell or taste this may indicate that other bacteria from your fridge have joined the party and you should throw out the remaining kraut.

How long does your sauerkraut last after opening?

Our pouches will have a best by date on the back. That being said, our kraut is made to last and will be fine in the fridge for months. Our natural fermentation process is the original way to preserve cabbage. If the top layer begins to dry out, just scrape it off. The kraut below will be perfectly delicious.

How many probiotics are in this kraut?

As you likely know, raw sauerkraut like ours is naturally probiotic and rich in gut-friendly bacteria. As fermentation is a natural process, we do not know the exact count at any given time, but there are billions in each pouch. Leading dietitians recommend two forkfuls a day for optimal gut health.

How long will my dressing last?

'Best By' date is printed on each bottle.

How is this dressing so low in calories and so high in flavor?!

Because we use delicious healthy vegetables in our dressings, we get both flavor and health packed into one great product!

Why do you use Sunflower Oil in your Dressings?

Taste, health, and pourability. The non-GMO high oleic Sunflower Oil we use in our Dressings is a healthier alternative to oils like vegetable or canola and tastier and better consistency than olive and coconut oil.

What sweeteners do you use?

There are no sweeteners in any of our krauts. Our dressings & marinades contain a small amount of date syrup, which is a natural fruit-based sweetener. The sugar content in a single serving of the dressing is <1g.

How should I eat my dressing?

Glad you asked! Around here, and in many cultures, fermentation has been a way to preserve fresh and delicious vegetables. Of course you can throw it on your favorite salads, but don't stop there! We love our dressings as dips, marinades, on sandwiches, rice dishes, tacos, and any proteins - you name it! Check out our website and social media for more great ideas.

Are these dressings healthy?

Yes! Our dressings are crafted with fermented vegetables that offer not only great flavor but plenty of gut-health benefits as well.

Are all of your products vegan and gluten-free?

YES! All of our krauts and dressings are vegan and certified gluten-free.

Are your products keto/paleo/Whole 30 friendly?

Yes! Our Krauts are compatible with keto, paleo, and Whole 30 lifestyles and are a fantastic way to add flavor and crunch to your diet. Our Dressings & Marinades are keto and paleo-friendly. If you follow a strict Whole 30 diet, you may want to know that our dressings contain a small amount of date syrup but otherwise are aligned.

Why do you use plastic pouches instead of glass for you kraut?

We are frequently asked why we switched our kraut packaging from glass jars to flexible pouches. Our pouches have an innovative one-way degassing valve. Check it out, it's on the back! All fermented and unpasteurized foods, our krauts included, will naturally give off a little gas as they continue to ferment. This vent allows that gas to gently escape. Hard containers made of glass and plastic don't allow this and create a messy situation of leaking juices and sometimes exploding containers. Even better, our flexible pouches take up less space in transit, weigh less, are recycle-ready, and are BPA and BPS free. Compared with the high toll on shipping heavy glass jars and energy intensive recycling process, flexible pouches are the right fit for our naturally fermented krauts.

Where can I find Cleveland Kitchen products in stores?

Try our new product locator to find the store nearest you that carries the flavor you are looking for. All our products are found in the refrigerated set of the store. If you can’t find it, please ask for it at your local grocery store and contact our customer service team so we can let our sales team know where you want to see our products next!

How do you open and close our pickles?