8 Reubens We Love And Think You Will, Too

March 15, 2021

Enjoying a Classic Reuben on St. Patrick’s Day is a no-brainer, but there are so many unique variations of the traditional Reuben that are becoming more and more popular. Check out our delicious picks for some unique takes on the famous sandwich that you can make all year long.

Classic Reuben
A traditional Reuben doesn’t require any fuss and has all the staples: corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing, grilled in-between two slices of Rye bread. Find our recipe with Whiskey Dill Kraut.

Vegan Reuben
A Vegan Reuben with a plant-based Thousand Island Dressing from Follow Your Heart. Pair the dressing with vegan cheese, deli meat substitute, and Classic Caraway Kraut for a wonderful and tangy combo.

Vegan Reuben Sandwich

Deli Reuben
All the traditional Reuben ingredients are stacked high but instead of grilling everything at once, lightly toast just the bread for a “straight from the deli” taste.

Deli Reuben Sandwich

Turkey Reuben
Open to trying something completely different? Skip the Rye bread and corned beef, and pile roast turkey on top of some fragrant Focaccia. Our friend, Chef Lloyd Foust shows you how to put it all together in this Chefs From Home

Cleveland Kitchen Chef's Series Video

Hop Cat Brewery Ultimate Reuben - Michigan
Feel the heat at
Hop Cat Brewery with their Ultimate Reuben, featuring thinly sliced corned beef piled high, Cleveland Kitchen Gnar Gnar, Havarti and Swiss, and their fan-favorite kitty island sauce.

Hop Cat Brewery Ultimate Reuben

Dempsey’s Brewpub Publican’s Dirty Reuben - South Dakota
House-made Rye, Cleveland Kitchen Roasted Garlic Kraut, Russian dressing, and Havarti cheese transform their shredded corned beef into Dempsey’s Brewpub Publican’s Dirty Reuben. Did we mention the bread is house-made?

Dempsey's Brewery and Pub Reuben Sandwich

Twist Social Club Reuben - Ohio
Twist Social Club’s Reuben Sandwich is a classy, grown-up version of the sandwich with grilled Rye bread, Swiss cheese, and Montreal Smoked Meat. That's 12 days cured smoked brisket. Yup. You’ll want to order it again and again.

Twist Social Club Reuben Sandwich

Lox, Stock, and Brisket Reuben - Ohio
Lox, Stock, and Brisket’s Reuben completes our list of favorites because who doesn’t love going to a deli and getting exactly what they want? Plus, the crew let us come in to see how they put together such a well-balanced sandwich.

Lox, Stock and Brisket Reuben Video

Looking for more great sandwich recipes?

Check out our recipe gallery for our best sandwiches made with Cleveland Kitchen sauerkraut and dressings. If you’re in the mood to learn more about probiotics, you can read about the benefits of fermented foods and our recommendations.

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